Former Fatah Fighter Learns to Love Jews

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As a Fatah Fighter and sniper, Taysir Abu Saada (Tass) learned to hate Jews. When he left the Middle East to come to America, he hated serving the predominantly Jewish patrons at the French restaurant he managed. But that changed the day regular customer Charlie Sharpe told Tass about his "connection" with God.

"In 1948 the leaders told the Palestinians to get out of their homes and move somewhere else where their armies were going to move in and wipe out the Jews. As we all know, that did not happen," Taysir Abu Saada (Tass) explains. "My parents, one of the families that moved to the Gaza Strip, they immigrated to Saudi Arabia. That's where I was raised, in Jetta, Saudi Arabia. I was raised as a Muslim. We spent a lot of time in Mecca.

"In the Middle East we have a saying, "A man without a land is a man without an honor." And that is a very, very painful thing to live with, without honor. Daily I was reminded that I was a refugee, so, with that in mind, you really get that hostility inside.

"Then came the '67 war and after the '67 war, I was one of these Palestinians that was just outraged. How could we lose to a small nation like Israel' We outnumbered them with everything, but yet we lost the war. So I thought, OK, this is it. I'm going to go and fight for our land.

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