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As a child, Dr. Hyveth Williams was molested and victimized for over a decade. For years the pain inside her wounded soul was so intense her self-esteem hit rock bottom and she turned to sex, drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Although she didn’t want to die as a young adult Hyveth attempted suicide several times. Once diagnosed as manic depressive she was able to overcome it without a lifelong dependence on medication. She was anorexic in her mid-twenties and dwindled down to 70 pounds. She suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. The doctors said if she survived she would never recover the use of most of her facial muscles. She proved them wrong. By the time she was thirty, she was addicted to prescription drugs, marijuana, nicotine alcohol and sex, but by the grace of God, she overcame them and has been clean for almost three decades. Watch this motivational video as she shares some of her inspirational story and what she is doing now.

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March 07, 2011

very nice of u hy williams .............go farward god is with u.............. i am just 25 but am suffing from another financial problem by this time i will inspir wit u r story thank u...........may god bles u

Taiwo s sowole
November 10, 2011

Well it's good for me and i'm so happy to see how this wonderful people share how god did the great, gracious healing in their lives and for me to see all this i would love to share my own story but i was think about where i was living and how is far, so let me put it a little this way... since my kid i know that god loves me and why i said he loves me is that he put his eyes at me in anywere i go and he said i'm going to carie his word along the world and i said oke i heard you daddy and now i need the world to help cos i'm ready to do anything to make him know that i really want to do his will and the only things i wantd the world to do for me is to help by sending me to bible study and after then i we share my testimonies with the full story of lifes, pleasd pardon me to see my own story true comment and hope to see it postd to the world. Thank you.

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