Satanic Contract Voided

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 Kirk Martin was the front man for a heavy metal band and his success thrived on the violence and anger raging inside of him. Shorty after seeking out Satan to make him powerful, Kirk has an encounter with God that would forever change his life story. Watch this inspirational video as a man filled with hatred from childhood abuse discovered the love of Jesus that set him free from his addiction to sex, drugs, and violence. 

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June 16, 2011

this is nice en am glade that he did the rite thing the love of God is totally un conditional .

December 02, 2012

This story is bullshit! I spend 5 minutes researching in this Kirk Martin(of that even is his real name???), and I found nothing! No bandname, nothing! And this video is so obviously staged!

...once angain a christian claims don't stand the test of scrutiny...

Metal man
December 09, 2014

Nikolaj spent 5 minutes researching. With an obscure band from 1989 that didn't actually sign a contract, and way before the internet's golden age,you'll have to do better research than that.

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