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Conversion of a Thief

Posted by: Amy in Forgiveness

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John Marshall is a Chaplin in a prison and has encountered many angry men. Watch this motivational video as John shares and inspirational story of a thief and his encounter with Jesus.

Punk Meets Jesus

Posted by: Amy in Forgiveness

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Estif Abarca Madrigal was confronted with God's almighty power when he was committed into the physch ward. Watch this motivational video as he shares his inspirational life story after his sins were forgiven.

Loving The Murderer

Posted by: Amy in Forgiveness

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Helen Campbell  lost her daughter and granddaughter in a gruesome act of violence. Watch this motivational video as this amazing women tells of her inspirational journey to learning to forgive others as Christ forgave her.

The Forgiven Forgive

Posted by: Amy in Forgiveness

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Watch this motivational video as Kristi Howell shares her inspirational life story of how she was drawn towards the true love of Christ and was able to forgive those her hurt her in the past.

Forgiveness: A Triumph over Vengeance

Posted by: lifestory in Forgiveness

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Sokreaksa S. Himmby Sokreaksa S. Himm

During the years 1975 -1979, the once beautiful and prosperous country of Cambodia became a "Killing Field" when two million innocent Cambodians died of starvation, disease, overwork, or by execution at the hands of Khmer Rouge soldiers. Those who survived experienced tremendous psychological trauma.

Even now, twenty-five years later, many Cambodians do not want to talk about what they went through. They are silent about the past. Thirteen members of Sokreaksa's family, including his parents, were brutally executed...but by God's grace, he has been able to face his pain and forgive his family's killers. But forgiveness was not easy. In this story you'll meet Sokreaksa and read about his journey from horror, suffering and loss into freedom, faith and forgiveness.