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How to Overcome Suffering

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This is my story:

I was born in the year 1955 in South-Lebanon, I went too early to the capital Beirut with my parents for study where I finished successfully complementary, secondary and finally university study in French Faculty of Medicine, by the end I graduated in 1980 as Doctor in Medicine. Then I began my specialisation in urology, by the end of 1984 I graduated in genito-urinary surgeon, but my destiny refused to give me the right to practice surgery and like someone who is waiting for me to finish my study, then he orders me to stay lay-down in the bed like “cadavre vivant” an expression described by Alexandre Dumas to one of his hero, who had the same symptoms like me, but the syndrome was unknown in 1840, in his work “Le Comte de Montecristo”.


In midnight of 25 January in the year 1985, suddenly and without any premonitory sign, I felt a severe headache and within two hours I lost my sight, my equilibrium, and in few minutes I became comatose for one month, when I awoke I found myself quadriplegic and mute with the lesion of some cranial nerves which I discovered gradually because no one had the courage to tell me what happened to me even the physician who treated me and who is supposed to do it.


Different Faces, Different Races, One Church

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God is doing something remarkable in the Pitsmoor area of Sheffield. Scores of Slovakian Romanies have been finding faith in Jesus. Many have joined Jesus Fellowship Sheffield. One of them, Cyril Dunka, tells his inspirational life story. 


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