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Safe For The First Time

Posted by: Amy in Trauma

Tagged in: women , transformation , purpose , overcomer , hope

Johnna Hamilton grew up in nice facade but her heart grew hardened from her mother's alcoholism and being woken up to flames set by her father. Watch this motivational video as Johnna tells her inspirational life story of how God broke down the walls in her life that she had built and gave her the grace to new develop new parenting skills.

Finding A New Identity

Posted by: Amy in Trauma

Tagged in: trauma , meaning , death , accident

Brother Nate and Dustin Davis were always best friends growing up. Everything changed with a horrible car accident. Watch this motivational video as Nate shares his inspirational life story of struggling to find his own identity.

Refined By Fire

Posted by: Amy in Trauma

Tagged in: success , accident

  Watch these motivational videos and read Mickey Robinson's own true inspirational life story of his terrible accident that gave him a revelation of faith.

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