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Religion to Relationship

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Carol Harrison was raised Jewish but discovered Jesus in a doctor's office. Watch this motivational video as Carol shares her inspirational story of how she moved from religion to relationship and her revelation that she didn't need to be perfect.

My Spiritual Journey

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 Joel C. Rosenbergby Joel C. Rosenberg

My grandparents and great-grandparents were Orthodox Jews who fled from the pogroms of czarist Russia. As they hid in a hay wagon that was crossing a border into an Eastern European country, czarist soldiers drew their swords and plunged them into the hay, in case any Jews were trying to escape. By God’s grace, none of the children coughed or sneezed or said, “Are we there yet?” By God’s grace, no one was injured. And by God’s grace, my family didn’t succeed in escaping the vicious anti-Semitism of Russia only to say, “Phew, let’s settle in Poland. Or Germany. Or Austria.” They made their way across Europe, got on a ship to the New World, landed at Ellis Island, and like any good Jewish family, set up shop in Brooklyn.