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An Orphan Without Roots

Posted by: Amy in Fatherlessness

Tagged in: purpose , meaning , leadership , faith , adoption

Peter Boe tells his inspirational life story of growing up an orphan in Latvia: his journey began with escape from Hitler's army and ended with adoption by a pastor in Moorhead, Minnesota. His incredible story is witness to Christ's love in his life. We hope you enjoy this motivational video!

Unnamed #2508

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: faith , adoption

Christine Caine discovered a 35 year old family secret of adoption. Watch this motivational video as Christine shares her inspirational life story of how she discover that she was not unnamed and unwanted but so much more.

Loved From The Start

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: motivation , meaning , faith , adoption , accident

Watch this motivational video as Maya Wallace shares her inspirational life story of how God was with her in her life through adoption and escaping death, and the heart he has given her for mission.

Heroin, Love & Pig Roasts

Posted by: Amy in Relationships

Tagged in: women , relationships , rape , marriage , faith , death , adoption , addiction

No-one expected Michael and Becki Huth to get together, though Becki's dad, Jim, once said he'd roast a pig in celebration if they did. Read as they shares their inspirational life stories and how God brought them together and gave them a shared vision.

Finding Christ in Romania

Posted by: Amy in Fatherlessness

Tagged in: women , self-esteem , purpose , meaning , hope , depression , adoption

Priscilla Nicoara's mother never planned on having children, making sure that Priscilla was aware of the fact that she was unwanted. Growing up in Romania, where religion was seen as "opium for the people", Priscilla's only hope was her father who was very fond of her. When she was 16 years old her loving father passed away suddenly, leaving her with little hope in anything. That is until she meet an underground Christian group at college. Watch her inspiring story about finding purpose and learning that she has been chosen by the Father of Lights. 

Rape, Adoption, Reunion

Posted by: lifestory in Abuse

Tagged in: rape , Life Story Published , hope , adoption

Lee Ezell Life Storyby Lee Ezell

After suffering from a brutal rape, Lee Ezell discovered she was pregnant. She bravely chose to relinquish her child for adoption, wishing the very best for the child. Twenty years later, Lee was shocked to hear a voice on the other end of the telephone state, “Hi, I’m Julie and you’re my mother.” Televised across North America, Lee’s story of her remarkable reunion with her daughter has touched the hearts of millions. In this story, enjoy the laughter and tears shared together between Lee and Julie as they explain how anyone can find peace and hope –in spite of life’s “missing pieces.”

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