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Out of Control

Posted by: lifestory in Substance Abuse

Norman Miller Life Story by Norman Miller

Since 1978, Norman Miller has been the Chairman of the Board for Interstate Batteries, now the number one replacement battery in America. In 1974, after years of heavy drinking, Miller realized he was an alcoholic. Asking God for help, Norm stopped drinking and gave God full control of his personal and professional life. On this website you’ll hear Norman Miller’s personal story of success and how he and his management team remain committed to making God’s love and help a priority in business.

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Extreme Faith

Posted by: lifestory in Business

Grover Cannonby Grover Cannon

We’ve all been “out on a limb.” Usually balancing precariously without adequate support. But when Grover Cannon goes out on a limb, as he does many times in this venture in faith, Grover’s support is boundless and never-failing. It is faith, and it’s object is the living God! Grover will surprise and delight you with his countless stories of God in action. Just be assured that this recording, once played, will set off a chain of faith actions in your own life. Will there ever be another Grover Cannon? Careful as you answer. It may very well… be YOU!

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At L

Motivated for Life

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Zig Ziglarby Zig Ziglar

Since 1970, Zig Ziglar’s career has naturally moved from that of champion seller to master motivator. Ten of his 25 books have been best sellers. He is in constant demand as speaker and instructor to audiences of all kinds and sizes. An inspiration for the Living to Change Lives Foundation, he travels all over the world, delivering his messages of humor, hope and enthusiasm. When you hear him tell his story you will know why!

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Posted by: lifestory in Other faiths

Author of BetrayedBy Stan Telchin

Stan Telchin felt betrayed! His 21-year-old daughter had just told him that she believed Jesus is the Messiah. As a 50-year-old successful Jewish businessman, who had raised his children well, he couldn’t understand how she could do such a thing. With divided emotions and heated tensions, his close-knit family felt threatened. To win his daughter back and resolve the matter, Stan set out to prove that Jesus isn’t the Jewish Messiah. In the process he made some amazing discoveries. This is his story.

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At Li

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