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True Happiness Isn't Found in a Bottle

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Tagged in: selfishness , overcomer , marriage , faith , depression , anger , addiction

 Luke Unsworth's main focus in life was to have a good time, but over the years that good times of drinking and drugs became to overcome his life. He was waiting for his lifestyle to end his life and had lost all hope. Watch this motivational video as Luke tells his inspirational life story of how he overcame his violent background, his addiction to alcohol, and the testimony of faith this story became. 

Single Mother Finds Truth

Posted by: Amy in Meaning

Tagged in: women , faith

 Rita Koutrodimos is a single mother of three and sometimes the financial and emotional stress of it all becomes to much. Watch this quick motivational video as Rita tells of her how her life has changed now that he has put her trust in the True God.

The Hell's Angel's Fallen Angel

Posted by: LauraLoo415 in Gangs

Tagged in: transformation , overcomer , hope , forgiveness , faith , anger


His Life Before Jesus Came In:

Born 1943, Charles Barry Mayson, he was a rider with the Hell's Angels in the 1960s-70s. He wore a "1%" patch on his jacket in response to a police official's remark that 99 percent of the public is law-abiding. The only way "out" of the gang is death...that's the rule of life of the Hell's Angels, the then most notorious and dreaded motorcycle gang in the United States. The life of the Hell's Angels supposedly only consists of drinking, drugs, power, prostitution, and stolen goods.

The Inspiring Hymns of an Invalid

Posted by: LauraLoo415 in Illness

Tagged in: purpose , overcomer , hope , faith

  Charlotte Elliott (1789- 1871), famous hymn writer, was thought of as one of the physically most beautiful woman most had ever seen, with a voice of wonder and the mind of a literary genius. But on the inside her health was failing, leaving her an invalid for most of her life, and her spirit was weakening without the grace of a Saviour. Read these two accounts written by close acquaintances of Elliott's as they describe her conversion and the details behind her most famous verse "Just As I Am, Without One Plea".


Christopher Knapp's Account:

A Steelers' Joy

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: sports , professionals , football , faith , anger

   After being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Aaron Smith was at the point in his life he had dream of being since he was a kid. Along the way he dealt with divorced parents, a strained relationship with his father and eventually the death of his father. Still Aaron felt something was missing; it was his wife who found it first. Watch this motivational video as Aaron tells his inspirational life story, and about his life after his discovery of faith. 

Rapping for Christ

Posted by: Amy in Music

Tagged in: professionals , motivation , faith , depression , anger

Rapper Lecrae Moore did not have any spectacular childhood, perhaps that was what led him to seek purpose in the urban lifestyle. Instead of finding fulfillment, Lecrae found a deep dark depression and began to call out to God. Watch this motivational video as Lecrae tells his life story of how he became the recording artist he is today and how he hopes to inspire others through his music.

Drug Addict to Sheep

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Tagged in: purpose , faith , accident

  Wes Martin longed for fascination and exhilaration, he found it in sex and drug abuse. By the time he was 20 he was a mess. Suddenly he found himself in the back of chapel at a junior high church camp. Watch this motivational video as Wes tells his inspirational life story of how his cry for help was answered and he discovered God's beauty. 

From Cocaine to Petra

Posted by: Amy in Success

Tagged in: professionals , peace , overcomer , marriage , faith , depression , death

John Schlitt is best know as the frontman for Christian rock band Petra. Watch this motivational video as John tells about his life before Petra, his participation in the band Head East, and the true inspiration behind new rock lifestyle. 


Born Without A Nose

Posted by: Amy in Depression

Tagged in: self-esteem , overcomer , meaning , faith , depression

  Omega Levine was born without a nose and grew up with no self-esteem. The year of depression accumulated to the point where he was ready to take his own life at the age of 15. Watch this motivational video as the front man of the Parachute Band tells part of his inspirational life story of how the discovery of the true love of Christ changed his life, and hear one of his songs. 

A Muslim Journey To Hope

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Tagged in: faith

 Caner was raised as a Muslim but was brought to Christian faith by one boy and one church. Watch these motivational videos as Caner tells how his life was changed in four days by one inspirational church and what his conversion means for his life now in comparison to his Muslim life. 


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