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Restoring a Lost Cause

Posted by: lifestory in Addiction

Selling drugs and using crystal meth, Greg Winkle's parents and family began to grow tired of seeing their son go down a destructive path. Faced with prison, Greg turned to faith to get himself through. Watch this video as Greg tells his story of God's timing in his life, and how his conversion brought release and restoration. 

Serving God in the Russian Army

Posted by: lifestory in Persecution

Tagged in: purpose , faith

SergeySergey Tsygankov stumbled upon Jesus at a friend's bible study in Russia, in 1992. He was soon faced with huge questions of faith after a classmate lost his life. Watch his inspirational video as Sergey shares the story of how a revelation from Jesus saved him during his time in the Russian Army.


Facing Mortality

Posted by: lifestory in Illness

Tagged in: suffering , overcomer , marriage , hope , faith

 Jae was diagnosed with a rare, deadly, blood disease at 17 and beat the odds. A few year later his friends at college began to introduce him to Jesus. After his conversion, Jae wasn't expecting life to be easy, but he never expected his story to take the turn that it did. Watch this inspirational video as Jae shares his unique insight on facing his mortality a second time around - but this time with a new outlook on life and on earth.


Tradition vs. Christ

Posted by: lifestory in Other faiths

Tagged in: faith

Nageen Negeen is a 17 year old who has earnestly sought after truth. Raised as a Muslim, she identifies with both Afghanis and Americans. Despite the comfort found in Muslim traditions and the love and support of her family, she began to question her beliefs in the Qur'an and found herself being pulled toward the loving Creator. Her conversion to Christianity was not without a cost as she lost faith in everything she had once believed in. Negeen shares her testimony on this inspirational video. 


A Skater's True Love

Posted by: lifestory in Sports

Tagged in: sports , professionals , prison , meaning , marriage , faith , depression , anger

 Brian Sumner's love for skateboarding brought him out of Liverpool, England to California, USA. While his passion earned him a living, gave him a purpose, and let him ride for Tony Hawk it also brought him drug abuse, a broken marriage, suicidal thoughts, and eventually led him to prison. You can watch or read as Brian tells the inspirational story of how, through a thrift store, he found something more to live for, making a complete 180 of his life for Christ.


A Muslim's Evidence For the Gospel

Posted by: lifestory in Other faiths

Tagged in: faith

 As a passionate member of the Islamic faith, Abdu got tired of Christians trying to give him reasons for their faith. He decided to dive into the Qur'an and the Bible to search for God's truth. Watch Abdu's videos about the revelation that kick started his conversion and forced him to choose between pleasing his earthly father and his Heavenly father.  


From Islam to Forgiveness

Posted by: lifestory in Other faiths

Tagged in: faith

  Akik has always had a religious life, but now he has a relationship. Telling the inspirational story of his testimony brings persecution from his friends but it is what he loves to do. Watch his video as young Akik explains how he discovered Jesus to be the Holy One, and why living a life of Christian faith is, "Difficult, but worth it."


A Strange Hope

Posted by: lifestory in Depression

Tagged in: relationships , peace , meaning , hope , faith , depression , anger

  Jordan Hachey knew that God did not exist and was confident that He would have no part in his life.  Eventually some of his friends convinced him to come to church and through a series of tragic events Jordan discovered a true peace found only in Christ.  Read as Jordan shares his own inspirational testimony. 


  Michelle Aguilar was born into a broken "Christian" family and learned to turn to food instead of God to cope with the pain. Realizing she had a problem, she was inspired to auditioned for the hit reality TV show The Biggest Loser, and became a contestant with her estranged mother. Watch her video as she tells how she was able to lose control in order to gain faith, discover herself, and reconcile with her mother.

From Mormonism to Christianity

Posted by: lifestory in Other faiths

Tagged in: faith

Jim Scott's Story

Jim followed the teachings of Joseph Smith until a seed was planted about the truth of Jesus Christ.  This seed was not lost on Jim and his family as their eyes were opened to lies of the church they were apart of. This is his testimony; may you be inspired to find truth.  

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