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Gospel In Four Boxes Of Food

Posted by: Amy in Adversity

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Watch this motivational video as Dr. José Rojas tells his inspirational life story how he meet Jesus and what he is now doing with Volunteer Ministries.


Posted by: Amy in Adversity

As a child, Dr. Hyveth Williams was molested and victimized for over a decade. For years the pain inside her wounded soul was so intense her self-esteem hit rock bottom and she turned to sex, drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Although she didn’t want to die as a young adult Hyveth attempted suicide several times. Once diagnosed as manic depressive she was able to overcome it without a lifelong dependence on medication. She was anorexic in her mid-twenties and dwindled down to 70 pounds. She suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. The doctors said if she survived she would never recover the use of most of her facial muscles. She proved them wrong. By the time she was thirty, she was addicted to prescription drugs, marijuana, nicotine alcohol and sex, but by the grace of God, she overcame them and has been clean for almost three decades. Watch this motivational video as she shares some of her inspirational story and what she is doing now.

An Orphan Without Roots

Posted by: Amy in Fatherlessness

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Peter Boe tells his inspirational life story of growing up an orphan in Latvia: his journey began with escape from Hitler's army and ended with adoption by a pastor in Moorhead, Minnesota. His incredible story is witness to Christ's love in his life. We hope you enjoy this motivational video!

From Rwanda To Christ

Posted by: Amy in Adversity

Tagged in: purpose , leadership , faith , death , addiction

Ezra Kwizera grew up in Rwanda and lost his father at age 12. He continued to live up poor, in the ghetto, and a live of drugs. Watch this motivational video as Ezra shares his inspirational life story of how he found God when he walked into a church drunk.

A Purpose and a Path

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: purpose , marriage , leadership , death , anger , addiction

Drugs were commonplace for Mike Bachman in the life he grew up in. Life reached a low after his only brother's suicide. Watch this motivational video as Mike shares his inspirational story of how through his tragic event he began to discover a relational faith in God.

Gangs To God

Posted by: Amy in Gangs

Tagged in: transformation , leadership , hope , faith , death , anger

Nicky was only 3-1/2 years old when his heart turned to stone. As one of 18 children born to witchcraft-practicing parents from Puerto Rico, bloodshed and mayhem were common occurrences in his life. He suffered severe physical and mental abuse at their hands, at one time being declared the "Son of Satan" by his mother while she was in a spiritual trance. Watch this motivational video as Nicky shares his inspirational life story as he tells radically changed by the true love of Jesus.

Jesus on the Radio Dial

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: relationships , peace , leadership , business

 Watch this motivational video as Mike Miller tells of his journey of faith and how he discovered Christ through a radio program, and what the biggest difference in his life is now.

Oil Riches Were Not Enough

Posted by: Amy in Success

Tagged in: women , success , professionals , marriage , leadership , faith , business

How does a little girl born into a poor, immigrant family in northern Canada wind up, as a grown woman, running her own business trading and marketing domestic crude oil, one of the most competitive, high stakes business arenas in the world?

Simple: It has to be a “God thing.”

Lee Strobel, a former atheist, holds a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale Law School, was an investigative newspaper reporter, and was the award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune. Currently, he is a teaching pastor at Saddleback Valley Community Church in Lake Forest, Calif., and a board member of the Willow Creek Association.

An all-around religious skeptic born in 1952 (notions of God represent wishful thinking), his wife stunned him in the autumn of 1979 with the announcement that she had become a Christian. "I rolled my eyes and braced for the worst, feeling like the victim of a bait-and-switch scam. I had married one Leslie...the fun  Leslie, the carefree Leslie, the risk-taking Leslie...and now I feared she was going to turn into some sort of sexually repressed prude who would trade our upwardly mobile lifestyle for all-night prayer vigils and volunteer work in grimy soup kitchens."

At age 28 and after almost two years of intense investigation Jesus, he converted on 8 Nov. 1981. He published The Case For Christ in 1998 and The Case For Faith in 2000. I've read both and think that each of these less-than-300 pages books has excellent information for those who think they will not find intelligent evidence in favor of faith and Jesus.

Prince of the Mafia

Posted by: lifestory in Affluence

Tagged in: transformation , success , prison , leadership , faith , business

Former member of the Colombo family, slated to be the next Boss, Michael Franzese share his life-altering story with the congregation of the Crystal Cathedral. Watch as Franzese is featured on The Hour of Power with Robert Schuller.

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