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Trapped As A Woman

Posted by: Amy in Body Image

Here is a story of a young man who was born feeling trapped in his gender identity. Watch this motivational video as he shares his life story of how his confusion left him without a family, leading a miserable life, and how a revelation in Christ changed him forever.

Lose A Life To Save A Life

Posted by: Amy in Abortion

Tagged in: women , relationships , meaning , marriage , forgiveness , faith

Tiffany went out looking for love and found it in an amazing boyfriend. When it was discovered that she was pregnant all her options seemed to disappear. Watch this motivational video as Tiffany shares her inspirational story of the love of God transformed her life and experienced forgiveness.

Changed by a Sacrifice

Posted by: Amy in Marriage

Tagged in: women , marriage , faith

Bryon Berry's experience with the catholic church as a child brought him to the conclusion that there was no God. Watch this motivational video as Bryon tells his inspirational life story of how God used his wife to bring him back to church and discover God's real love.

The Alcoholic Behind The Bar

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Brad Barret witnessed his alcoholic mother's first suicide attempt at age ten. He married his girlfriend after high school, a relationship that soon led to divorce. He became a bartender which would help to support his drinking habit. He began to live life fast, and it wasn't long before he found everything spinning out of control. Watch this motivational video as Brad shares his inspirational life story of how he discovery Jesus and the love that both knocked him over and lifted him up.

A Precious Jewel Covered In Mud

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Tagged in: women , meaning , marriage

Nasrin was born into a Muslim family and as a teenager an interest into the end time prophecies started her on a journey into her family's religion. While trying to live out her religion she began to feel like she was living a lie and that she was becoming a hypocrite, so she decided to leave religion all together. Watch this motivational video as she shares her inspirational life story and her discovery of the Christian faith and how she made her journey from Islam to Christ.

Prostitute Made As White As Snow

Posted by: Amy in Prostitution

Tagged in: women , sexual freedom , prison , pornography , peace , marriage , anger , addiction

Susan lived in fear as a child, fear from her abusive step-father and her emotionally distant mother. She was desperate for love and would do anything to find it. It wasn't long before she found drugs, alcohol, and porn as a teenager. Watch this motivational video to hear the inspirational life story of a promising women losing herself to prostitution and the day in prison she called out to God who responded with overwhelming love.

Singing A New Song

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Well known Famous Singer Anil Kant's couldn't understand why the path to God had to be so difficult? He believed that Christianity path to the one true God seemed too easy for him to believe. But watch how Anil talks about his introduction to the Bible and how his quest for truth was reached through this great book.
Watch this motivational video as Anil shares his inspirational life story on why he converted from a Hindu/Punjabi background to becoming a Christian, how he found Jesus and was born again.

God and Electric Guitars

Posted by: Amy in Satisfaction

Tagged in: women , purpose , marriage , hope , faith , addiction

Kat Gehrlein calls her life "crazy". In her twenties most of her life was spent in the bars. That changed when she meet her husband and started a family. Life was now stable and alright, but it was about to get way better. Watch this motivational video as Kat shares her inspirational life story of how she discovered Christ and place for her family to fit in.

Finding True Happiness

Posted by: Amy in Marriage

Tagged in: women , transformation , purpose , marriage

Jeremy and Melissa Robertson were searching for happiness in anything they could get their hands on. When they found out they were pregrant, they decided to get married but things didn't get easier. They were constantly fighting - about having a baby or anything imaginable. Watch this motivational video as the Robertsons share their inspirational life story of how God saved their marriage and happiness reentered their life.

More Then Music and a Message

Posted by: Amy in Marriage

Tagged in: relationships , purpose , marriage

Mike and Leah Montes were invited to church by a friend, but brushed it off thinking they didn't really need God in their lives. Their opinions changed when they finally decided to try out the whole church thing. Watch this motivational video as the Montes tells of this inspirational place where they found true love and how it was changed their lives.

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