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A Precious Jewel Covered In Mud

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Tagged in: women , meaning , marriage

Nasrin was born into a Muslim family and as a teenager an interest into the end time prophecies started her on a journey into her family's religion. While trying to live out her religion she began to feel like she was living a lie and that she was becoming a hypocrite, so she decided to leave religion all together. Watch this motivational video as she shares her inspirational life story and her discovery of the Christian faith and how she made her journey from Islam to Christ.

Freedom From Molestation

Posted by: Amy in Abuse

Tagged in: women , sexual freedom , rape , meaning , depression , anger , addiction

Molested as a young child, Dianne Partian hated men and herself. After abusing drugs, falling into several lesbian relationships, and attempting suicide, she eventually found Jesus Christ. Watch this motivational video as she shares her inspirational life story of how she is completely set free and happily married

Stripper Pursued by a Gentleman

Posted by: lifestory in Purpose in life

Tagged in: women , relationships , rape , meaning , hope , forgiveness

Harmony Dust was always looking to be loved and as a teenager she thought she could secure a man's love with money. The growing need to support herself and her boyfriend left her no where else to turn. Watch this motivational video as Harmony shares about the path that led her into the sex industry, the true love of Jesus that inspired her to begin her journey out, and the work she is doing today to reach other women.

Learning Truth At University

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Tagged in: women , purpose , peace , meaning , hope , faith

Anita Shetty was introduced to the Jesus through a friend at university gave her a copy of the New Testament. Intrigued by the new idea of knowing a God personally, Anita would begin to read and study the New Testamnt, in which she would learn about the story of the cross. Watch this motivational video as Anita from Mumbai shares her inspirational life story of how she went from having many gods to learning and accepting the one true living God.

The Great Campaign

Posted by: Amy in Abortion

Tagged in: women , relationships , meaning , hope , death

At the young age of 16 Jason Jones found out that he was to be a father. Jason and his girlfriend came up with a plan to support the baby, which included Jason joining the army on his 17 birthday. Their plan, and Jason's life calling changed when his girlfriend was forced to have an abortion. Watch this motivational video as Jason tells of his inspirational life story and how his dedication to the pro life movement brought him to discover Christ.

After the Storm

Posted by: Amy in Hope

Tagged in: relationships , meaning , hope , addiction

Stan Borley descibres his life before Christ as being a criminal, drug user, drug smuggler and alcoholic. Watch this motivational video as Stan shares his inspirational life story of how a broken heart was the kick start to his conversion to Christianity.

Arrested & Rescued

Posted by: Amy in Gangs

Tagged in: transformation , prison , meaning , addiction

Kennedy Akins grew up in Detroit, Michigan. His role models were pimps - their honey's on the street corners - gamblers and drug pushers. Granduating from "Street University," Kennedy began to excel in all that "Street University" had taught him. His eventually payback? Prison State University! Watch this motivational video as Kennedy tells his inspirational story of how he hit rock bottom and discovered the faith that saved him.

Living a Life Of Fearlessness

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: meaning , marriage , faith

Albert Abril grew up in a Catholic but really knew very little about what the basics of the faith were. As he began to experience life, and see the worst of the world as firefighter, Albert came to the conclusion there could be no God. Watch this motivational video as Albert shares of his inspirational life story and he was drawn to the true love of the Father through his love for his own children.

Fun Without The Hangover

Posted by: Amy in Meaning

Tagged in: relationships , motivation , meaning , marriage , hope

 Bret Vessey never really wanted anything to do with Church, and when his wife started attending he was happy for her but saw no need for it to impact his life. This all changed when he  was dragged to church on Easter Sunday by his wife. Watch this motivational video as Bret tells his inspirational life story how of he discovers the true love of a Father is better than anything he experienced in the party lifestyle and how meeting Jesus has changed his life.

The Beginning Is Near

Posted by: Amy in Meaning

Tagged in: meaning , forgiveness , faith

  Tom's family was never big into church when he was growing up, so when his mom started talking about Jesus and trying to confess her sins Tom became suspicious of their new found "faith". Read as Tom shares this testimony of how his parent's faith eventual brought his own revelation in Christ.

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