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Conversion of a Thief

Posted by: Amy in Forgiveness

Tagged in: prison , peace , forgiveness , faith , anger

John Marshall is a Chaplin in a prison and has encountered many angry men. Watch this motivational video as John shares and inspirational story of a thief and his encounter with Jesus.

Free From Shackles

Posted by: Amy in Abuse

Tagged in: women , relationships , prison , forgiveness

Tracy Winslow was sexually abused as a child by her brother. The effects haunted her through her teen years and right until she entered marriage life. Watch this motivational story as Tracy shares her inspirational life story of how God's forgiveness taught her how to forgive.

Pro Wrestler Finds True Strength

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: success , sports , professionals , prison , football , depression , addiction , accident

Lex Luger, born Larry Pfoh, started his career in professional football but his almost instant rise to fame came when he became a professional wrestler. Watch this motivational video as Lex describes the double life that ended him in prison and how he discovered real strength in Christ.

Tamed By God

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Tagged in: transformation , self-esteem , purpose , prison , faith , depression , anger , addiction

This young man saw no value for his life and decided to make it his purpose to see how much damage he could inflict while having a good time. This led him to an unfulfilling life of addiction and found himself being arrested. Watch this motivational video and read his inspirational life story of how he finally came to understand his desperate need for God.

Prison to Preacher

Posted by: Amy in Depression

Tagged in: transformation , selfishness , prison , anger , addiction

Dougie March, born in the North East of England, raised to fight before he could write, served time in seven different prisons for violence by his mid-twenties. Watch this motivational video as Dougie shares his inspirational life story of how Jesus rescued him from his lifestyle that would have surely led him to a life in and out of prison or even death.

Prostitute Made As White As Snow

Posted by: Amy in Prostitution

Tagged in: women , sexual freedom , prison , pornography , peace , marriage , anger , addiction

Susan lived in fear as a child, fear from her abusive step-father and her emotionally distant mother. She was desperate for love and would do anything to find it. It wasn't long before she found drugs, alcohol, and porn as a teenager. Watch this motivational video to hear the inspirational life story of a promising women losing herself to prostitution and the day in prison she called out to God who responded with overwhelming love.

Costs of Breaking Free From the Jihadist Lifestyle

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Tagged in: war , prison , peace , leaders , forgiveness , faith , death , anger

Walid Shoebat was born into a line of great Muslims and quickly grew into life placed before him. He became a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and dedicated his life to bringing terror to the Israel nation. This all changed when his wife challenged him to prove the Christian Bible wrong. Watch this motivational video as Walid shares his inspirational life story and the struggle it has been since his conversion to Christianity.

Society's Rebel

Posted by: Amy in Prison

Tagged in: prison

Watch this motivational video as Dan Stevenson, a heroin addict and criminal, who found his thrills killing people for money discovers Jesus, tells his inspirational life story.

The Makings of a Conqueror

Posted by: Amy in Prison

Tagged in: transformation , self-esteem , prison , hope , addiction

Mike Benson’s view of authority became distorted at a young age. As he got older, Mike grew angry, just like his father was. Drugs and alcohol kept a lid on his emotions. It didn't take long for this lifestyle to start him on the wrong track and brought him to prison. Watch this motivational video as Mike shares his inspirational story and why he submitted to Christ.

An Untamed Heart

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Tagged in: self-esteem , prison , anger , accident

Ron Baptiste lived a life plagued with violence and drugs. He spent most of his life trying to fit into the world around him, but it wasn’t until he discovered the love of God that he achieved the acceptance he had always longed for. Watch this motivational video as Ron tells his inspiration testimony of how Jesus enter his life.

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