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Robbie Rage Finds Mercy

Posted by: Amy in Sports

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Rob Knapik, known in the ring as "Robbie Rage", began to work out to become stronger then his abusive father. Rob joined World Championship Wrestling where he was appropriately given the name of "Robbie Rage." Watch this motivational video as Rob tells his inspirational life story of how an injury kept him away from wrestling and he lost everything but he cried out to God to save him.

Fighting For Fame, Fortune & Respect

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: sports , purpose , professionals , marriage , football , depression , anger , addiction

For more than 20 years Ken Shamrock fought in the ring and out for fame, fortune, and respect. But after all the kicks, punches, and submissions, he's found a new reason to fight. Watch this motivational video to hear Ken's inspirational life story.

Pro Wrestler Finds True Strength

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: success , sports , professionals , prison , football , depression , addiction , accident

Lex Luger, born Larry Pfoh, started his career in professional football but his almost instant rise to fame came when he became a professional wrestler. Watch this motivational video as Lex describes the double life that ended him in prison and how he discovered real strength in Christ.

Heartbreak Kid Becomes Ultimate Rebel

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: success , sports , purpose , professionals , marriage , addiction

Since high school Shawn Michaels long to hold up the WWE championship belt. He dropped out of college to pursue his dreams and was living the life first as one of the Midnight Rockers and eventually as the Heartbreak Kid. Watch this inspirational video as Shawn tells his story of how his life got out of control and the new motivation he found to be the ultimate rebel.

Living Life In The Fast Lane

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: racing , professionals , motivation , meaning , faith , accident

Morgan Sheppard loved racing since his first car at age 12. Watch this motivational video as Morgan shares how alcohol got the best of him and the night that he turned his life around and began racing for Jesus.

NBA Star Plays For His Father

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: professionals , peace , meaning , faith , basketball

David Robinson quickly became an NBA star and had everything you could think of. Despite this David could not find peace in his life. Watch this motivational video as David shares his inspirational life story of how God got a hold of his life and how his career challenged his faith.

Singing A New Song

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Well known Famous Singer Anil Kant's couldn't understand why the path to God had to be so difficult? He believed that Christianity path to the one true God seemed too easy for him to believe. But watch how Anil talks about his introduction to the Bible and how his quest for truth was reached through this great book.
Watch this motivational video as Anil shares his inspirational life story on why he converted from a Hindu/Punjabi background to becoming a Christian, how he found Jesus and was born again.

The leading man of his day, with his rugged good looks, blond hair and blue eyes, Steve McQueen defined what being "cool" was for his generation. Born into a Catholic family, Steve McQueen, was a small town boy with little education who came from a broken home. He sought the love he had missed as a child in the adoration of fans of his many action movies including: The Great Escape, Bullitt, The Sand Pebbles, Papillon, The Getaway, and many others.

He lived a fast-paced life that often resembled one of his movies: fast cars, fast women, cigarettes and alcohol. He died at the age of fifty on November 7, 1980, after suffering from mesothelioma, a rare form of lung cancer. But that is not his entire story.

When Steve discovered he had lung cancer, he began to take stock of his life, and to look for the answers and for the hope he had not found during his lifetime. He wanted to know what came next and was yearning for hope in the "beyond." Both his third wife Barbara Minty and his flying instructor Sammy Mason encouraged him in his spiritual search.

McQueen eventually made it to a Billy Graham crusade. By the end of the meeting, Steve McQueen had given his heart to Jesus Christ. He still had many questions, though, and he sent word through one of the evangelists he wanted to meet with Billy Graham. They were able to meet in a limousine on the way to the airport.

Short Life Given By God

Posted by: lifestory in Music

Tagged in: women , professionals , overcomer , marriage , forgiveness , death

Even as a child singer/songwriter Heather Williams was never fully accepted by her mother's new husband; she was banned from all family activities and once even chained to a tree over night. Once she was kicked out she drowned in a flourish of alcohol and substance abuse. Watch this motivational video as Heather tells her inspirational life story of how her biological father introduced her to the true Father and the tragic event that brought her closer to God.

From The Depths Of The Music Industry

Posted by: Amy in Music

Tagged in: purpose , professionals , prison , peace , death , accident

Marty Angelo worked in the entertainment business from 1965 to 1980 as a television producer, record promoter, disk jockey, restaurant/nightclub owner and personal manager for rock 'n' roll bands. Though at times Angelo thought he achieved success, internally he always felt an emptiness in his heart, sensing his life neither had real meaning nor true purpose. Nothing ever seemed to matter to him. Consequently, he lived a rebellious, sin-riddled out-of-control lifestyle. Watch this motivational video to hear of Marty's inspirational story and how through a life-shattering event he experienced a "new beginning," a dramatic and electrifying conversion to Christianity.

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