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Posted by: Amy in Adversity

As a child, Dr. Hyveth Williams was molested and victimized for over a decade. For years the pain inside her wounded soul was so intense her self-esteem hit rock bottom and she turned to sex, drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Although she didn’t want to die as a young adult Hyveth attempted suicide several times. Once diagnosed as manic depressive she was able to overcome it without a lifelong dependence on medication. She was anorexic in her mid-twenties and dwindled down to 70 pounds. She suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. The doctors said if she survived she would never recover the use of most of her facial muscles. She proved them wrong. By the time she was thirty, she was addicted to prescription drugs, marijuana, nicotine alcohol and sex, but by the grace of God, she overcame them and has been clean for almost three decades. Watch this motivational video as she shares some of her inspirational story and what she is doing now.

A Cry For Healing

Posted by: Amy in Illness

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Janice Shannon walked away from being hit by a Suburban but became to deal with chronic back pain. It was not until later that this back pain had a different cause and would bring a lot of trouble in her life. Watch this motivational video and Janice tells her inspirational life story as she cried out to God to heal her.

Jesus & Food

Posted by: Amy in Body Image

Faith Greiner discovered God's true identity in junior high but struggled with her own identity for the next decade. Watch this motivational video as Faith shares her inspirational life story of how God freed her from an eating disorder.

Healed from the World Trade Center Cough

Posted by: Amy in Illness

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After rescuing survivors at Ground Zero, Moe Altamuro found himself exposed to a hidden danger -- toxic fumes. Watch this motivational video as Moe shares his inspirational life story of how God healed him and found salvation.

God's Faithfullness

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

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Michael Kanner's plans for college were altered when his mother was diagnosed with MS. Through college he heard about Jesus and started seeking him. Watch this motivational video as Michael shares his inspirational life story and the hardships that brought his conversion to Christianity.

Women Healed of Blindness

Posted by: Amy in Illness

Tagged in: women , suffering

Vida Buckley was adjusting to life as a mother raising three young children when she was diagnosed as legally blind. Watch this motivational video as she shares her inspirational life story about how she struggled to cope with her condition and how she learned to see God.

Facing Mortality

Posted by: lifestory in Illness

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 Jae was diagnosed with a rare, deadly, blood disease at 17 and beat the odds. A few year later his friends at college began to introduce him to Jesus. After his conversion, Jae wasn't expecting life to be easy, but he never expected his story to take the turn that it did. Watch this inspirational video as Jae shares his unique insight on facing his mortality a second time around - but this time with a new outlook on life and on earth.


Cerebral Palsy and Purpose

Posted by: lifestory in Illness

Gary Klein's story is both inspirational and heartbreaking. Born two months early with no spontaneous respirations, Gary developed cerebral palsy, a motor condition causing physical disability. Longing for companionship yet finding himself the subject of laughter, Gary eventually lost himself to alcohol. Watch this motivational video as Gary gives incredible insight into living out his Christian faith and understanding why God gave him a handicap.


Redemption From Cutting

Posted by: lifestory in Self-Injury

Tagged in: women , transformation , suffering , hope , forgiveness , depression

 At first glance Lanae Hale looked like any other girl. But below the surface, and hidden from the world she was broken and torn, looking for a way to escape her emotional depression. And like many other teens in America she tried to find an escape through cutting.

California's Eternity Surfer

Posted by: lifestory in Sports

Tagged in: suffering , sports , professionals , overcomer , faith , death , cancer

Chris O'Rourke was slated to be California's biggest surfer back in the 1970's. Every surfer was jealous of this talented, hot headed young man who lead the idea of localism at his home beach of Windandsea. But tragedy struck in the form of cancer, Hodgkin's disease, when Chris was only 18. Brew Brigg's, a close friend of Chris', had recently come to know Christ as his Lord and saviour, and shared all he knew with Chris. 

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