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Gangs To God

Posted by: Amy in Gangs

Tagged in: transformation , leadership , hope , faith , death , anger

Nicky was only 3-1/2 years old when his heart turned to stone. As one of 18 children born to witchcraft-practicing parents from Puerto Rico, bloodshed and mayhem were common occurrences in his life. He suffered severe physical and mental abuse at their hands, at one time being declared the "Son of Satan" by his mother while she was in a spiritual trance. Watch this motivational video as Nicky shares his inspirational life story as he tells radically changed by the true love of Jesus.

Blood of Lambs

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Tagged in: war , transformation , faith , anger , accident

When Kamal Saleem was a boy of 7, he began training in a PLO assault camp. This notorious terrorist group trained him to know his enemy, to hate his enemy, and to anticipate their every move. His singular purpose was to use his power to change the world for Islam. Soon he was a career mercenary, working for the cause of Jihad. But a severe accident broke his back and changed everything in an instant. The one thing that this warrior was not prepared for—was the power of love. Watch this motivational video as Kamal shares his inspirational life story.

Greg Outlaw, a well-off CEO was molested under the Christmas tree at the age of 6. After discovering that his father, a church deacon, had an affair, Greg vowed never to step foot in church again and ventured into business. After turning down an offer of $25 million for this company due to his own greed; the discovery of a terminal illness because of habitual drug and alcohol abuse; and, fruitlessly spending his life in the 90's in pursuit of an IPO that ended up being shelved by the bursting of the Internet Bubble and bankruptcy, Greg finally heard and acknowledged the voice of God. Watch this three part motivational video as Greg shares his inspirational life story.

Trapped As A Woman

Posted by: Amy in Body Image

Here is a story of a young man who was born feeling trapped in his gender identity. Watch this motivational video as he shares his life story of how his confusion left him without a family, leading a miserable life, and how a revelation in Christ changed him forever.

Tamed By God

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Tagged in: transformation , self-esteem , purpose , prison , faith , depression , anger , addiction

This young man saw no value for his life and decided to make it his purpose to see how much damage he could inflict while having a good time. This led him to an unfulfilling life of addiction and found himself being arrested. Watch this motivational video and read his inspirational life story of how he finally came to understand his desperate need for God.

Prison to Preacher

Posted by: Amy in Depression

Tagged in: transformation , selfishness , prison , anger , addiction

Dougie March, born in the North East of England, raised to fight before he could write, served time in seven different prisons for violence by his mid-twenties. Watch this motivational video as Dougie shares his inspirational life story of how Jesus rescued him from his lifestyle that would have surely led him to a life in and out of prison or even death.

The Alcoholic Behind The Bar

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Brad Barret witnessed his alcoholic mother's first suicide attempt at age ten. He married his girlfriend after high school, a relationship that soon led to divorce. He became a bartender which would help to support his drinking habit. He began to live life fast, and it wasn't long before he found everything spinning out of control. Watch this motivational video as Brad shares his inspirational life story of how he discovery Jesus and the love that both knocked him over and lifted him up.

Singing A New Song

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Well known Famous Singer Anil Kant's couldn't understand why the path to God had to be so difficult? He believed that Christianity path to the one true God seemed too easy for him to believe. But watch how Anil talks about his introduction to the Bible and how his quest for truth was reached through this great book.
Watch this motivational video as Anil shares his inspirational life story on why he converted from a Hindu/Punjabi background to becoming a Christian, how he found Jesus and was born again.

Finding True Happiness

Posted by: Amy in Marriage

Tagged in: women , transformation , purpose , marriage

Jeremy and Melissa Robertson were searching for happiness in anything they could get their hands on. When they found out they were pregrant, they decided to get married but things didn't get easier. They were constantly fighting - about having a baby or anything imaginable. Watch this motivational video as the Robertsons share their inspirational life story of how God saved their marriage and happiness reentered their life.

The Makings of a Conqueror

Posted by: Amy in Prison

Tagged in: transformation , self-esteem , prison , hope , addiction

Mike Benson’s view of authority became distorted at a young age. As he got older, Mike grew angry, just like his father was. Drugs and alcohol kept a lid on his emotions. It didn't take long for this lifestyle to start him on the wrong track and brought him to prison. Watch this motivational video as Mike shares his inspirational story and why he submitted to Christ.

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