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Posted by: Amy in Adversity

As a child, Dr. Hyveth Williams was molested and victimized for over a decade. For years the pain inside her wounded soul was so intense her self-esteem hit rock bottom and she turned to sex, drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Although she didn’t want to die as a young adult Hyveth attempted suicide several times. Once diagnosed as manic depressive she was able to overcome it without a lifelong dependence on medication. She was anorexic in her mid-twenties and dwindled down to 70 pounds. She suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. The doctors said if she survived she would never recover the use of most of her facial muscles. She proved them wrong. By the time she was thirty, she was addicted to prescription drugs, marijuana, nicotine alcohol and sex, but by the grace of God, she overcame them and has been clean for almost three decades. Watch this motivational video as she shares some of her inspirational story and what she is doing now.

Finding A New Identity

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Brother Nate and Dustin Davis were always best friends growing up. Everything changed with a horrible car accident. Watch this motivational video as Nate shares his inspirational life story of struggling to find his own identity.

Greg Outlaw, a well-off CEO was molested under the Christmas tree at the age of 6. After discovering that his father, a church deacon, had an affair, Greg vowed never to step foot in church again and ventured into business. After turning down an offer of $25 million for this company due to his own greed; the discovery of a terminal illness because of habitual drug and alcohol abuse; and, fruitlessly spending his life in the 90's in pursuit of an IPO that ended up being shelved by the bursting of the Internet Bubble and bankruptcy, Greg finally heard and acknowledged the voice of God. Watch this three part motivational video as Greg shares his inspirational life story.

Gave Up Church For the Bar

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

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 Heather Evans's inspirational life story includes childhood molestation, church scandals, eating disorder, cancer, death, broken bones and a broken heart. Heather's experience with Christians as a child were not positive, so as she grew up she discarded the idea of God and faced life challenge's head on. Eventually this all became too much for her and she accepted and invitation that would change her life. Watch this motivational videos as Heather tells her inspirational life story and recounts the moment when God intervened her life.

A Real Ironman

Posted by: lifestory in Disabilities

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  Scott Rigsby is a real Ironman, as a double amputee, and a world record holder for numerous achievements such as a double below-the-knee amputee in the Full Marathon, Half Ironman, Ironman Distance Triathlon  and International Distance Triathlon, and earning a spot on the 2006 USA Triathlon Team.
But to win these awards, Rigsby had to endure years of trials and tribulation, struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, and hopelessness. 

Forgiveness: A Triumph over Vengeance

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Sokreaksa S. Himmby Sokreaksa S. Himm

During the years 1975 -1979, the once beautiful and prosperous country of Cambodia became a "Killing Field" when two million innocent Cambodians died of starvation, disease, overwork, or by execution at the hands of Khmer Rouge soldiers. Those who survived experienced tremendous psychological trauma.

Even now, twenty-five years later, many Cambodians do not want to talk about what they went through. They are silent about the past. Thirteen members of Sokreaksa's family, including his parents, were brutally executed...but by God's grace, he has been able to face his pain and forgive his family's killers. But forgiveness was not easy. In this story you'll meet Sokreaksa and read about his journey from horror, suffering and loss into freedom, faith and forgiveness.

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