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Women Healed of Blindness

Posted by: Amy in Illness

Tagged in: women , suffering

Vida Buckley was adjusting to life as a mother raising three young children when she was diagnosed as legally blind. Watch this motivational video as she shares her inspirational life story about how she struggled to cope with her condition and how she learned to see God.

Finding New Depths In The Music

Posted by: Amy in Music

Tagged in: women , motivation , meaning , faith

Jaime Jamgochian is a successful worship artist who's life story reads a little different then most in her field. Watch this motivational video as Jaime shares how her love for music brought her to the true love of God.

Lose A Life To Save A Life

Posted by: Amy in Abortion

Tagged in: women , relationships , meaning , marriage , forgiveness , faith

Tiffany went out looking for love and found it in an amazing boyfriend. When it was discovered that she was pregnant all her options seemed to disappear. Watch this motivational video as Tiffany shares her inspirational story of the love of God transformed her life and experienced forgiveness.

Striving for Perfection

Posted by: Amy in Meaning

Tagged in: women , meaning , forgiveness , faith

Maggie Shipley enjoyed the church down her street as a young child from merely a social aspect. Her parents had been turned off from faith earlier in life so Maggie had nothing drawing her to the love of God, until she discovered the truth at college. Watch this motivational video as Maggie shares her inspirational life story she finally found a way to reach perfection.

Changed by a Sacrifice

Posted by: Amy in Marriage

Tagged in: women , marriage , faith

Bryon Berry's experience with the catholic church as a child brought him to the conclusion that there was no God. Watch this motivational video as Bryon tells his inspirational life story of how God used his wife to bring him back to church and discover God's real love.

A Precious Jewel Covered In Mud

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Tagged in: women , meaning , marriage

Nasrin was born into a Muslim family and as a teenager an interest into the end time prophecies started her on a journey into her family's religion. While trying to live out her religion she began to feel like she was living a lie and that she was becoming a hypocrite, so she decided to leave religion all together. Watch this motivational video as she shares her inspirational life story and her discovery of the Christian faith and how she made her journey from Islam to Christ.

Freedom From Molestation

Posted by: Amy in Abuse

Tagged in: women , sexual freedom , rape , meaning , depression , anger , addiction

Molested as a young child, Dianne Partian hated men and herself. After abusing drugs, falling into several lesbian relationships, and attempting suicide, she eventually found Jesus Christ. Watch this motivational video as she shares her inspirational life story of how she is completely set free and happily married

Prostitute Made As White As Snow

Posted by: Amy in Prostitution

Tagged in: women , sexual freedom , prison , pornography , peace , marriage , anger , addiction

Susan lived in fear as a child, fear from her abusive step-father and her emotionally distant mother. She was desperate for love and would do anything to find it. It wasn't long before she found drugs, alcohol, and porn as a teenager. Watch this motivational video to hear the inspirational life story of a promising women losing herself to prostitution and the day in prison she called out to God who responded with overwhelming love.

Stripper Pursued by a Gentleman

Posted by: lifestory in Purpose in life

Tagged in: women , relationships , rape , meaning , hope , forgiveness

Harmony Dust was always looking to be loved and as a teenager she thought she could secure a man's love with money. The growing need to support herself and her boyfriend left her no where else to turn. Watch this motivational video as Harmony shares about the path that led her into the sex industry, the true love of Jesus that inspired her to begin her journey out, and the work she is doing today to reach other women.

Learning Truth At University

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Tagged in: women , purpose , peace , meaning , hope , faith

Anita Shetty was introduced to the Jesus through a friend at university gave her a copy of the New Testament. Intrigued by the new idea of knowing a God personally, Anita would begin to read and study the New Testamnt, in which she would learn about the story of the cross. Watch this motivational video as Anita from Mumbai shares her inspirational life story of how she went from having many gods to learning and accepting the one true living God.

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